Is studying in Australia a good move?

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Is studying in Australia a good move?


Around the world, Australia is considered to be one of the best study destinations for international students. It provides a blend of both world-class education and good job opportunities. There are still some concerns that international students have regarding making the move to Australia to study. Let’s take a look at some of the factors that make Australia a sought after study destination.

World Class Education

Australia has some of the highest ranked universities in the world. It is home to four of the top fifty universities according to QS World University Rankings (2016-17). Education and research in Australia is globally recognised.

Immigration Opportunities

Australia offers better immigration opportunities than other countries. The points based skilled immigration system is a straightforward system that invites people to apply for a permanent residency based on merit.

Work Permits

It is one of the only countries that allows students to work part-time while studying and also offers a two to four year post study work visa. The post study work visa, also known as a temporary graduate work visa, provides unrestricted working rights to recent graduates.

More jobs, less competition

The Australian economy is strong and stable. Job opportunities are on the rise especially in STEM and accounting streams. The competition for jobs is relatively lower when compared to economies like the US. If you manage to get a PR is Australia then it will be fairly easy to land a job in Australia.

Skilled Occupation List

The skilled occupation list is transparent and easily accessible list of skill shortages in Australia. This list will give you a good idea on what skills are required in Australia thus giving you better career prospects here.

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