The Au-pair Program is a full-service end to end the program with the aim of helping you to kickstart your career in hospitality in Australia. We combine both general and specific on the job training via our online learning system, covering topics such as how to write your CV, how to individually look for a job in Australia and the relevant resources available, general etiquette both within an interview and workplace setting, how to prepare for your job interview, and several other informative topics.

As part of your program, we also will assist you with finding a suitable role in hospitality working for a hotel/resort within Australia.  This includes an initial consultation and interview, the preparation and writing of your resume, organizing of interviews with potential hotel/resort employers throughout Australia, and providing job specific training for each individual interview, tailored to both the position and employer.

Furthermore, once you have received a potential job offer from one of our hotel/resort clients we will direct and organise everything with you to ensure a smooth transition to your new role via our job brief and consultation.

ENGLISH REQUIREMENT: Intermediate Level and above (this will be ascertained during our quick initial 5-minute conversation-based interview with you prior to your enrolment in the program)


All enrollees for the program must have at least 6 months availability to work from the intended start date of their job placement within a hotel/resort hospitality role.

OTHER REQUIREMENT: Depending upon the role you are potentially looking for it would be advisable to look at obtaining the following qualifications and certifications as they may increase your chances of being hired:

  1. SITHFAB002 – Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA)

  • QLD – QLD, WA, SA, NT, and ACT
  • VIC – only available face to face in a class situation and valid for VIC, QLD, WA, SA, NT, and ACT
  • NSW – valid for NSW, QLD, WA, SA, NT and ACT
  • WA – valid for WA, QLD, SA, NT, and ACT
  • SA – valid for SA, QLD, WA, NT and ACT
  • NT – valid for NT, QLD, WA, SA and ACT
  • TAS – valid for TAS, QLD, WA, SA, NT, and ACT
  • ACT – valid for ACT, QLD, WA, SA, and NT

As such with RSA’s, the NSW, VIC and TAS certifications run independently; that is for example the NSW RSA does not cover TAS or VIC and vice versa

  1. SITXFSA001 – Use Hygienic Practices for Food Safety
  2. Valid Australian or International Driver’s License – manual or automatic transmission


  • ONLINE LEARNING SYSTEM to help you better understand the Australian work environment and prepare you for working in Australia
  • PROFESSIONALLY PREPARED RESUME which you can use from now on for future job hunting after the program
  • TRAINING AND CONSULTING to arm you with the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure that you have the best chance of passing an interview and being offered a job role in hospitality
  • JOB BRIEFING AND PREPARATION SESSION to make sure you have completed all the required documentation and organized essential certifications, travel bookings, and scheduling etc.
  • PROVEN TRAINING AND SYSTEM to ensure you are settled and employed in Australia within the least time frame possible
  • GUARANTEED 6 MONTH TERM OF EMPLOYMENT within a hospitality – hotels and resorts – position


  1. Consultation and Initial Screening

  • General consultation to discuss the overall program, and an opportunity to go over any questions you might have about our processes and policies
  • Initial screening to ascertain your English level and ability, and to determine your overall suitability for the program

  1. Acceptance and Enrollment

  • Based upon your consulting and initial screening, acceptance to enroll in the program will be advised directly and or by your agent/educational institution
  • In order to enroll you will need to fill out our application form and provide several documents including – a current version of your resume, a passport copy, a copy of your Australian visa, and other documents such as relevant certificates, reference details and driver’s license copies – Australian driver’s license, driver’s license from your home country and international driver permit – if you have them.
  • You will have a further opportunity to ask any questions you might have about the program prior to the finalization of your enrollment
  • Program fees as outlined directly by our company and or your agent/educational institution will need to be paid prior to finalization of your enrollment into the program
  • Upon confirmed enrollment into our program you will be issued with a login so you can have access to our Online Learning System

  1. Initial Interview and Screening

  • 4 to 6 weeks prior to the intended start date of the job placement portion of your program we will contact you to organize an appointment for your initial interview
  • The initial interview will be conducted either face to face, over the phone or via video chat online (Skype, Zoom etc.)
  • The purpose of the initial interview will be to find out more about you -your educational background, work experiences, current level of English ability, career aspirations and overall personality and attitude

  1. Resume Preparation and Consulting

  • Based upon the information gathered during your initial interview and screening, we will prepare a professionally presented resume and provide you a copy both in word and pdf format via email
  • Your finalized resume will be used to market you to various hotel/resort clients across Australia
  • We will further consult and discuss with you about your general expectations of the program and provide you with some feedback as to what positions we believe you would be most suitable for given the current market conditions

  1. Interview and Training

  • Once an interview or interviews are confirmed with potential hotel/resort employers, you will be provided with information and general training to ensure you have the best possible chance of performing well on your interview
  • Training will take place either via an email outline and or in conjunction with face to face training at our office / online training via video chat (Skype or Zoom)

  1. Interview Results and Feedback

  • After your interview / interviews with potential hotel/resort employers we will provide you with some general feedback on how you performed on your interview
  • Should you be successful on your interview we will provide you with a direction as to what is next – either a potential second interview, further documentation and or details required by the employer, and or a discussion of potential start dates for the role you have been offered

  1. Onboarding and Documentation Review

  • Upon 100% confirmation of your job offer you will a receive an email from us outlining all the requirements of the role – including start dates, rates of pay, who to report to, uniform requirements, qualifications and certifications to complete prior to employment, food and accommodation options and costs, travel itinerary preparation, and things to prepare
  • One of our consultants will also contact you and arrange an appointment either via phone or face to face to assist you with preparation of all your required documentation and to go over any questions and answers you may have
  • Psynergy will collate and check all your documentation and submit them to your new employer on your behalf

  1. During Employment

  • After your 2 to 3 weeks on the job, Psynergy will contact you to get some feedback on how you are settling into your new job role; we will also provide you any feedback we have received from your employer
  • Our consultants will also check in on you from time to time and will be available to go over any issues you may be experiencing during the course of your employment

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