Customized Visa Solutions

We understand that sometimes decisions don’t go your way. We work with you to determine the most appropriate options moving forward, then assist with planning and preparation for the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

Starting with a 30-minute Free Initial Assessment via telephone or in person; we will prepare a Letter of Advice if the client wishes to proceed with us. The Letter of Advice will contain:

  • The most suitable visa subclass and its requirementsl
  • Fee estimate including our professional fees and the Department’s fee (visa application charge)
  • Average processing time
  • Visa checklist
  • Other relevant information such as skills assessment, EOI and the visa conditions that may be imposed on the visa

Before signing an agreement on services and their fees, you can contact us for more details. We will respond to you as quickly as possible within 24 hours.


Migration and Refugee - MR Division

Administrative Appeals Tribunal – MR Division is a statutory body with the power to review decisions made by the Department of Home Affairs.

In conducting a review of migrations decisions, AAT will consider the case afresh and have the power to change the decision under review.

The Migration Act and the Migration Regulations specify the decisions that AAT can review, who may seek review of a decision, how an application for review must be made, the time limits within which applications for review must be lodged, and the application fee payable.

The rules about who may seek review of a particular decision, the applicable time limit, and whether a fee is payable vary depending on the type of decision and whether a person is in immigration detention.